Three Beaches

chic Huon Valley Tasmania eco home just a moment from the beach

Three Beaches - The Backstory


Named after its proximity to three stunning beaches (Eggs & Bacon Bay Beach, Randalls Bay Beach & Mickeys Beach in the Huon Valley), it has been a pleasure converting this unloved “Plain Jane” of a shack into a tranquil, welcoming & inspiring Airbnb Tasmania retreat. Dropped onto the block in 2010 by her former owners, I spotted her in 2017 & instantly knew we could work together to create something special. Having moved from busy Sydney to Tasmania in 2013, my love affair with the pristine beauty of the Huon Valley & its artistic rural lifestyle has continued to the present day. My family has worked hands-on with me building the decks, fences, tiling, landscaping, waterproofing, painting & more painting & making accessories like the hook racks in the bedrooms which I fashioned from an old wooden pallet discarded in the back yard.  My eight year old son helped with concreting deck foundations & nailing down decking boards, my step-dad helped with everything from kitchen cabinetry to fences & my Mum donated plants from her own garden & made emergency concrete pendant positioning response visits. 

man's hat on building site

The classic country corrugated metal cladding of the house resonated with the agricultural-industrial heritage of the region with its strong farming community providing Australia & the world with strawberries, cherries, apples, blueberries, truffles, garlic, native Pepperberries, cheese, honey, salmon, trout, pork, beef, chicken, lamb, tea, wine, cider & distilled spirits. This Tasmanian country industrial influence directed my design vision & saw the incorporation of original Tasmanian apple box label art, cage lighting, wine barrel planter, black swan accoutrements, print factory style floor tiles, original wooden block letterpress art, bespoke black & white metalware & recycled timbers. The hat on a building site photo on this page features on the quilt cover in the main bedroom, which I designed to complement the agrarian industrial theme. I am thrilled the design & attention to detail have been embraced by our Airbnb Tasmania guests. 


A special feature is the photographic wall & cushion art by local Cradoc artist Chris Cobern. Each of the images chosen is of a Huon Valley or Hobart landmark, architectural element or point of scenic beauty. Chris’ works are available for sale via & I would encourage you to order your own unique & affordable souvenir or gift, shipped to your front door. There is an array of groovy items from tablet sleeves to clocks, art prints, tote bags & fashion tops & skirts. I have Architectural Abstract #3 featured above the dining table on a cute top & skirt.


Thank you for choosing Three Beaches & I trust you love it here as much as we do!

The feeling of delighted enchantment from our guests is palpable.


Before & After - our Huon Valley Tasmania transformation


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