Three Beaches

chic Huon Valley Tasmania eco home just a moment from the beach

environmentally conscious


Three Beaches was designed to be an environmentally low impact Huon Valley home & our environmental policy was created to ensure our guests enjoy an eco-friendly, low carbon footprint AND beautiful, tranquil stay. Given our location in one of the most scenic & pristine parts of a state, over 40% of which is dedicated to protected forests & reserves, it may come as no surprise to discover Australia's best known Conservationist, Environmental Activist & former parliamentary leader of the Australian Greens political party - Bob Brown - lives in our little hamlet! Having such a well-known neighbour & being in one of the most unspoiled & breathtaking places in the world, it is little wonder environmentally conscious living is top of our eco friendly accommodation priority list. 


The pursuit of eternity is no longer the prerogative of the gods - it is the business of us all, here and now. Bob Brown



  • We support the Bob Brown Foundation which promotes action to protect Australia's natural wild & scenic places of ecological & global significance & we encourage you to check out & support their good work here
  • Membership of Landcare Tasmania Eggs & Bacon/Abels Bay Coastcare, a not-for-profit group supported by the Huon Valley Council which works to revegetate, control erosion, re-plant & maintain a continuous coastal reserve in the area.


Building Design & Construction

  • Recycled home – this home was built in an entirely different location & transported on the back of a truck to Eggs & Bacon Bay in the Huon Valley. It can be easily re-purposed & moved to another Tasmania accommodation location to suit the needs of its next owner if desired!
  • Aspect – the home is positioned so that the kitchen, living area & bedrooms open onto an expansive north facing entertaining deck & garden ideally positioned to take advantage of consistent light throughout the day. North facing is the most coveted aspect in Australian homes for this reason.
  • Eco-friendly construction materials
    • Steel frame home is naturally pest resistant, durable & lighter than timber which means transportation has a lower environmental impact. Steel is made from recycled materials & can be recycled at the end of its lifespan.
    • Roof - white Colorbond steel roof with Thermatech technology helps reflect more of the sun’s heat keeping the home naturally cooler in summer.
    • Awnings – made from tinted recycled polycarbonate provide natural cooling & shade on the front & rear deck / patios
    • Cladding - in summer because of its relatively low thermal mass, our steel cladding cools down quickly when not in direct sunlight. In winter, the same steel walling, properly insulated, helps keep heat inside the building. The dark grey Ironstone cladding colour helps retain heat in the cooler months.
    • Windows – environmentally friendly aluminium clerestory windows to let in natural light & treetop views whilst preserving privacy. Our aluminium framed windows & sliding doors are weather sealed and perfect for cross ventilation in summer. No air-conditioning required! Insect screens are used throughout to reduce insecticide use.
    • Doors – double glazed sliding doors to naturally regulate temperature, with insect screens to deter rather than annihilate insects.
    • Laminate floating flooring – made from post-consumer wood products (not old growth trees as used in hardwood floors), has no glues, preservatives or solvents used in its manufacture or installation, does not require much cleaning & does not trap allergens like carpet does. Floating floors can be easily removed & re-used in other homes & laminate wood flooring can be recycled, ground up and composted, or even burned as a source of energy. The lack of synthetic chemicals makes all of these options safe for the environment.
    • Timber used for decks, fences & screens is from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified timber. We also re-purposed lattice screening & other materials found on the property rather than throwing it into landfill.
  • Open plan design - ensures the house is passively cooled, regulating temperature effectively without any need for active air conditioning. Transterior design features encourage the easy transition from indoor living spaces to outdoor creating that highly sought contemporary Australian home lifestyle.
  • Re-use & re-purposing - there was no need for a skip bin on site when renovating because we re-used nearly everything. Most of what we couldn't re-use, was sold or donated so others could re-use it - that included windows, curtains, handrails, the old vanity, tapware, light fittings & more!


Guest Facilities

Our guest amenities & facilities have been carefully thought out to make a maximum contribution to reducing our Tasmania accommodation carbon footprint. We are so lucky in the Huon Valley to have a wonderful variety of locally grown produce to enjoy on our doorstep & we actively promote & encourage our guests to enjoy the cornucopia of fresh Huon Valley produce which does not need to be transported from afar, thus using less precious fossil fuel resources. Our guest amenities include:

  • Recycled FSC certified paper products such as toilet paper, paper towels & tissues which are made in Australia (from local materials wherever possible)
  • Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand wash are bought in bulk & supplied in large, recyclable plastic pump packs rather than small individual bottles & our guest grooming products like paper stem cotton buds, emery boards, cotton balls & pads are made from recycled materials and provided in bulk in large cannisters to reduce packaging. We provide washable, reuseable makeup towels to reduce disposable wipe use.
  • We provide clever, reuseable Dolce Gusto coffee pods so you can use your favourite ground coffee to make your brew, then wash & re-use the pods.
  • Re-useable, recyclable BPA-free food containers provided for guests to use in the kitchen
  • Greener brand biodegradable, recyclable cling wrap & aluminium foil made from recycled aluminium in recyled & recyclable packaging is provided for guest use. Compostable greaseproof / wax paper is provided as an eco-friendly way to wrap sandwiches & food
  • Outdoor clothes line & a folding indoor clothes airer is provided for guests as an alternative to tumble drying
  • Our electrical appliances have a high energy efficiency rating
  • we provide beautiful drinking rainwater straight from the tap rather than in bottles. We also have a refillable BPA-free jug of filtered water in the refrigerator.
  • We have a re-useable cloth tote bag for guests to take shopping, to the beach or on outings to reduce the use of plastic bags.
  • Our steel drinking straws are a hit in the kitchen to eliminate single use plastic straws
  • Fresh herbs in the garden for everyone to use, reducing carbon emissions from the transportation of food over long distances
  • Cyclist friendly - we provide secure bicycle storage, bike wash & repair facilities plus information on cycle routes & hire/repair shops to encourage cycle tourism, reducing emissions when cars are left behind.


Recycling & Waste reduction

  • We compost our green waste & our garden mulch is mostly from natural leaf waste found on the property
  • A kitchen compost bucket is provided for guests & there is a tumbling composter behind the water tank to help reduce green waste
  • We recycle our household plastics, tins, paper, glass, etc via our local Huon Valley council
  • We buy our household consumables in bulk & decant / transfer them into large containers rather than providing heavily packaged single use disposable products
  • We provide recycling bins in the kitchen & outdoors for guests
  • Our garbage bags are made from 80% recycled plastic
  • Unwanted food & other items left behind by guests is donated to charity rather than going into landfill
  • We have opted in to paperless bills & correspondence wherever possible
  • Our printed materials are on Australian made, recycled, carbon neutral paper. Old printed materials are given a second life by being used for notepaper, then recycled or composted
  • We use rechargeable batteries throughout the home & we recycle batteries at the end of their life


Energy Use

  • Energy efficient LED lighting is used throughout the home
  • Garden & outdoor lighting is low voltage & solar, controlled by movement & daylight activated sensors
  • Heating – our split system home air-conditioner is energy efficient & includes energy saving features like motion sensors to switch to power saving mode when people are not in the room. It uses a heat pump which is energy saving technology that conveys heat without the need to generate heat. 
  • We provide an energy efficient natural gas heater for guest comfort outside as well as plenty of snuggly blankets for use inside & outside our Tasmania accommodation!
  • We also provide a wood burning fire pit with complimentary wood from fallen trees & branches (not harvested old growth timber). A 2003 CSIRO study showed that firewood was the domestic heating fuel with the lowest greenhouse gas emissions
  • Blockout blinds & curtains to control temperature & light
  • power switches are turned off when appliances are not in use


Water Use

  • We use 100% rainwater collected in our 23,000 litre recycled polycarbonate rainwater tank
  • All taps are Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) rated 5 star
  • Our toilet is dual flush to reduce water usage
  • All of our household waste water is treated on site using a zero waste system with environmentally friendly organisms to break down the waste, treat & cleanse the water & recycle onto our garden using a reticulation method
  • We have planted many native species in the garden which are naturally drought tolerant & require no irrigation



  • Our eco-septic system requires the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products throughout the home to ensure the health of the bio-organisms needed for water treatment
  • We wash our linens & towels in naturally collected rainwater using non-phosphorus fabric detergents which comply with the Australian Standard for Biodegradability, are made in Australia & come in recyclable/compostable cardboard boxes.
  • We dry all Three Beaches laundry in the sunshine & fresh air as often as possible
  • We machine wash & re-use our cleaning cloths & then compost them at the end of their life span.
  • Our oven cleaner is natural biodegradable bicarbonate soda which comes in recycled, recyclable, compostable cardboard
  • We mop our floors & decks with clean water & a washable & reuseable microfibre mop
  • We use natural vinegar to clean our glass & Nature's Organics Earth Choice dishwashing detergent, bathroom cleaner, laundry stain remover & fabric softener. Earth Choice is committed to producing products which are plant based from renewable and sustainable sources, Australian made, use recycled packaging which is in turn recyclable at the end of its life, subscribe to the Australian Packaging Covenant & are never tested on animals or use animal ingredients. We also use Australian eucalyptus oil which has natural anti-bacterial properties & is a great sticky residue remover which smells wonderful. We use Organic Choice multipurpose wipes - made from bamboo & natural ingredients. We compost these after use because they break down in around 4 weeks - more info here



All our systems are regularly checked & maintained in order to ensure maximum efficiency & to take advantage of new eco friendly accommodation technologies as they become available.


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