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chic Huon Valley Tasmania eco home just a moment from the beach

Randalls Bay Beach aurora - photo credit Chris Cobern


Tasmania beaches are clean, unspoiled, uncrowded & among the best Tasmania attractions. This is your go-to guide for the best beaches in the Huon Valley Tasmania. We are rather spoiled for choice here in Tasmania's pristine Huon Valley with secluded, clean beaches which are gorgeous by day & can be even more spectacular at night when you catch the Aurora Australis otherwise known as the Southern Lights! In fact, the Huon Valley has the BEST beaches for viewing this spectacular natural phenomenon due to its position as the southernmost province in Australia with very little light pollution.


Randalls Bay Beach Huon Valley

One of the best beaches in the world to view the Aurora Australis or Southern Lights. The image by Tasmanian artist Chris Cobern (above) shows why this is one of the best spots to catch the elusive Aurora - it is accessible by road, is a long way south (only 24km from Australia's southernmost town Southport), faces south towards the lights & has very little light pollution. A great beach by day, it is 750m long, has parking, toilets, picnic tables, BBQ hut, boat ramp & is a very pretty drive through rolling pastures with sheep & rustic farm huts. It is little wonder Australia's best known environmentalist & former leader of the Australian Green political party chooses to make his home here. 


There are some sensational walking tracks - Echo Sugarloaf State Reserve walking track – starts at Randalls Bay Beach & ascends 200m to the summit of Echo Sugarloaf with 360 views of the mountains of Southwest National Park, Huon River, D’Entrecasteaux Channel & Cygnet township. Approximately 40 minutes each way or 4.4km return. The vibrant township of Cygnet is a 10 - 15 minute drive away & is where you will get supplies for your picnic or barbecue. Go to map

Randalls Bay Beach aurora best beaches Huon Valley Tasmania
Eggs and Bacon Bay Beach best Huon Valley beaches Tasmania

Eggs & Bacon Bay Beach - photo credit Chris Cobern

Eggs And Bacon Bay Beach Huon Valley

Captured by local Photographer Chris Cobern, this photo reveals the beauty of Eggs & Bacon Bay Beach in the Huon Valley Tasmania - an hour's drive from state capital Hobart, 10 - 15 minutes from the nearest town Cygnet where you will find everything you need for a picnic. This charming Huon Valley beach is named for the abundant yellow & streaky red local Eggs & Bacon flowers from family Fabicaea. The beach is 400m long, 300m deep, rated in the lowest Beachsafe hazard category (level 1) & is great for families. It has parking, public toilets, picnic table & a boat ramp. There is an abundance of native wildlife in the local area including Kookaburras, the blue headed Superb Fairy Wren and at dusk - ring & brush tailed possums and Pademelons - the local wallaby species. Go to map

Randalls Bay Beach by day best Huon Valley beaches Tasmania

Randalls Bay Beach - photo credit Bob Brown

mICKEYS Beach Huon Valley

This is a secluded beach in the Huon Valley Randalls Bay Conservation Area only a 15-minute walk from Randalls Bay Beach via a picturesque clifftop walking track. Walkers will need a moderate level of fitness as there are some quite steep steps to reach the clifftop. If you would rather drive, Mickeys is also accessible by Randalls Bay Rd via the Randalls Bay Conservation Area. The Randalls Bay Rd access has parking & is an hour's drive from state capital Hobart. The nearest township is Cygnet, a 10 - 15 minute drive away where you can stop for picnic supplies on the way. Great for couples wanting a romantic beach walk & families hoping for a pleasant short walking adventure on the way to a safe & quiet beach. Go to map

Mickeys Beach best Huon Valley beaches Tasmania

Mickeys Beach - photo credit Helen Chick

Ninepin Point Beach Verona Sands - Huon Valley

Spectacular views over the D'Entrecasteaux Channel, the Hartz Mountains & three islands - Bruny Island, Huon Island & Satellite Island. A regular dolphin spotting location, this Huon Valley Tasmania beach was once known as "Pickup Beach". Local folk say that boats travelling from Huonville would stop at nearby Pickup Point to supply Huon Island residents who would exchange freshly baked bread for essential supplies. This 800m long beach adjoins Ninepin Point Marine Reserve & has public toilets, picnic table, BBQ hut & boat ramp. Beachsafe rating 3 which is in the least hazardous band. Dogs are allowed off leash if under effective control. Kayaking is popular here with a launch point at the western end of the beach. Picnic supplies are available at either Middleton General Store or the many shops of Cygnet in the other direction - both a 10 - 15 minute drive. 


Ninepin Point Marine Reserve is a protected habitat for its unique wildlife. The reserve's position near the mouth of the Huon River means cold, nutrient-rich sea water from the southern ocean is overlaid with tannin-rich freshwater leached from the decaying organic matter in the Huon River catchment. This has led to the shallow water flourishing of species normally only encountered in much deeper, darker waters – Sea Fans, Leafy Sea Dragons, Sea Whips, Jackass Morwong and Red Algae. These factors make it a good spot for seeing deepwater species in scuba divable depths. A torch is advised due to the tea-coloured fresh water layers which create night time conditions & the best times of year to go are summer & autumn or when rainfall is low. Go to map

Ninepin Point Beach Verona Sands best Huon Valley beaches Tasmania

Ninepin Point Beach Verona Sands

Dover Beach - Huon Valley Far South

Just over an hour's drive from state capital Hobart, this 500m long Huon Valley beach is a short walk from Dover fishing village conveniences including fast food, bottle shop, independent supermarket, a few cafes, fuel, pharmacy, licensed RSL club serving meals & a bakehouse distillery. There is parking, public toilets, picnic tables, boat ramp & a jetty. Parents & children can enjoy the playground overlooking the Huon Valley beach views. Rated 1 (least hazardous) by Beachsafe, this is a good beach for families with its pleasantly developed foreshore. Over the Easter weekend you can view the pretty sailing regatta courtesy of the Port Esperance Sailing Club - Australia's southernmost yacht club. The Dover Seafest every Easter Saturday showcases fresh local seafood & other tasty local produce, with a program of music, demonstrations & kids' activities. Firmly ensconced in the best Huon Valley Tasmania beaches list because it feels remote but still has fish and chips, coffee, conveniences & crisp Tasmanian ciders & cool climate wines. Go to map

Dover Beach best Huon Valley beaches Tasmania

Dover Beach, Huon Valley Tasmania